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2014 HC media releases

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Release Date

Highline ranks in top 100 degree producers   9/18/14
Highline College earns national award for "Excellence in Diversity"
      Kent Reporter
Highline College joins effort to promote reflection in learning   09/08/14
Highline College selected for the National Community College Expansion of the Working Families Success Network Strategy
      Auburn Reporter
Highline College joins “Make it in Washington” initiative to help strengthen state manufacturers
      Federal Way Mirror
      The Waterland Blog
2014 ACCT Regional Awards Recipients: Highline president named Regional CEO of the Year   08/06/14
Highline president receives national award
      Kent Reporter
      Tukwila Reporter
      The Waterland Blog
Highline College Foundation receives donations for marine science camp
      Kent Reporter
      The Waterland Blog
Highline Will Revert to Original Name
      Kent Reporter
      The Highline Times
      The News Tribune
      The Waterland Blog
07/01/14 06/13/14
HCC honors Seattle attorney
      Kent Reporter
HCC Urban Agriculture Certificate Program 06/23/14 - 08/14/14 06/06/14
HCC 2014 Portfolio Show
      Kent Reporter
06/02/14 - 06/03/14 05/20/14
Her Choice? Our Choice! Understanding & Ending Sex Trafficking Public Forum
      Highline Times
05/20/14 05/12/14
HCC Foundation to participate in National Day of Giving
      Auburn Reporter
      Kent Reporter
05/06/14 04/28/14
Crowdfunding for Businesses Workshop
05/06/14 04/17/14
HCC wins top diversity award
      Auburn Reporter
      Kent Reporter
HCC students earn top honors at state awards
      Kent Reporter
HCC in search of distinguished alumni
      Auburn Reporter
      Federal Way Mirror
      Kent Reporter
      The Waterland Blog
Students Practice Thwarting Hackers: Highline to host 7th annual cyber defense competition
      Auburn Reporter
  03/22/14 - 03/23/14 03/11/14